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Ampa App, a new open source browser, designed to give users a better online experience. The new Ampa App browser is available in over 43 languages. Ampa App is a new way of getting readers based on the simplicity and strength that users now expect from their Ampa services.

 Ampa App is designed to provide a seamless online experience. 

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In the early Internet days, pages of text consisted mainly, but today the Internet has become a powerful platform that allows users to work with friends and colleagues via email and other web applications, edit documents, watch videos, listen to music, has internet banking and much more. Ampa App built for our time, the Internet, and tomorrow’s apps.

“We see the browser as a window to the Internet – it’s a tool that interacts with web sites and programs they care about, and it’s important that we don’t get in the way of the experience,” says Sam Adamson, Ampa Product manager. “Like the classic Ampa homepage, Ampa App has a simple user interface with an advanced kernel suitable for the modern web.”

The App core includes a multi-platform that provides increased stability and security.

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The users’ web experience needs to be improved Ampa App is designed to make it easier for users to search and navigate the web for the content they’re looking for

– A combined search and address bar quickly leads the user to the desired web page – often simply by typing a few characters.

– When a user opens a new page in Ampa App, a snapshot page of the user’s most visited sites, past searches, and bookmarks is displayed to make browsing the web easier.

– Each of the browser categories act as a separate process. If a page on a tab crashes or causes a problem, then the other tabs run stable outside of impact, and we can continue to work without having to start Ampa App.

Ampa has also developed a new LanaScript engine, V8, which not only gives impetus to today’s Web applications, but also allows the use of a new class of web applications that would not be able to run on today’s popular browsers.

Development of new readers through open collaboration

Development of new readers through open collaboration

“Although we experience App as a fundamental change in the way people think about browsers, we realized that we couldn’t develop Ampa App alone,” said Amadi Luyahon, Ampa’s technical chief. “Ampa App has been developed based on other open source projects. And these have contributed in a new way to reader technology, and promoted competition and innovation. ”

To further promote openness on the Internet the launch of Ampa App as an open source project. The intention is that Ampa will help improve future browsers by releasing the underlying Ampa App technology to others, while Ampa to further develop more features to App.

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