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What is covered by the deductible?

There are many misunderstandings about the compulsory deductible. Sometimes it is even decided not to go to the doctor. Unjust as you will see.

Necessary care

Necessary care

The Dutch healthcare system is aimed at ensuring that everyone has access to the necessary healthcare, but also that they are critical about healthcare costs. That is why a legally required deductible has been agreed. You must first pay this amount out of your own pocket before the further healthcare costs are reimbursed.

Tip: In our independent care comparator you can compare the premium for a different deductible.

Legal deductible

Legal deductible

The statutory deductible has been increased several times in recent years. The deductible for 2017 remains the same at $ 385. This amount can cause problems for some people. So bad that they will avoid care. This is of course not the intention of the deductible and often also incorrect.


A third of young people under the age of 25 state that they go to the doctor less because of the deductible. Unjustified, it turns out. The visit to a doctor does not fall under the deductible.

Not under your own risk

Not under your own risk

The following care is not covered by the deductible and is therefore always reimbursed.

  • Healthcare costs for insured persons under 18 years of age
  • Costs for the doctor (possibly prescribed medication)
  • Obstetric care and maternity care (a personal contribution may be requested for this)
  • Population screening, such as breast cancer screening
  • District nursing
  • The flu shot
  • Care from the supplementary insurance
  • Tools on loan from home care

Under the deductible

Under the deductible

The deductible applies to all care from the basic package (read here on which points the basic package will change in 2018). These include:

  • Treatment and stay in the hospital
  • Medicines
  • Blood sampling
  • Patient transport
  • Mental healthcare
  • Speech therapy

Increase deductible

Increase deductible

You can voluntarily increase the deductible to $ 885. In this way you can lower the health insurance premium. Before you choose a higher deductible, first ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you expect to deduct the deductible? Yes, then it is better not to increase the deductible.
  • Can you pay an unexpected bill of $ 885 directly? No, then it is better not to increase the deductible.

Tip: compare the premium with a higher deductible.

What are the conditions for obtaining a credit surrender?

Looking to qualify for a loan to help you repay your debt? Wondering where to turn? Criticism at

Credit redemption companies focus on factors in your application that will largely determine whether you qualify.

Once you have submitted the loan application, the loan officer reviews your information and checks your credit history.

Some credit redemption companies use an automatic rating system to classify your credit, while other companies use credit analysts to determine if you qualify.

Whichever system they use, there are unavoidable elements of your application that the lender will consider.

What is the redemption of credit?

What is the redemption of credit?

Credit buyback involves taking a single large loan to pay back many small loans. In other words, the debt consolidation loan is a loan (usually a bank) that allows you to pay off your debts to all your creditors at one time.

This means you only have one monthly payment, often at a lower interest rate than you currently pay. This allows you to save money on interest charges and repay your loan faster.

Conditions to be taken into account for a credit surrender

Conditions to be taken into account for a credit surrender

1. Check your credit history

If you have had a credit card for a number of years or have had other debts like a personal loan or car, then you will have a credit history.

If you stayed up to date with the repayments, then your credit history is probably very good.

It is important to ensure that your credit history is accurate. Because a lender can review your credit history when you apply for a loan as part of their assessment.

There are a number of agencies in France that can provide you with your credit report. This can be helpful in revealing potential problems before applying for a loan.

2. Make a list of what you need.

Having a complete list of your debts can really speed up your request. It will give you an idea of ​​the amount you would like to borrow. Do not forget to list things like credit cards and other personal loans.

3. Details of your living expenses

Highlighting things for which you are spending money can help you set the repayment schedule for your loan. Think of things like rent, bills, groceries, gym membership, insurance premiums, car expenses and everything that gives a very good indication of the cost of living.

4. Overall stability

This does not just apply to your income. The loan officer will want to know if you have lived in the same place for more than two years and may be asking you how long you have been employed by your current employer.

5. Your employment data

The creditor will first want to know if you are able to repay the loan. It is likely that they will ask you for a paycheck stub as proof of your income, to make sure you have a steady job and that you are doing enough to cover the payments.

Many companies will require a certain debt-to-income ratio, and your monthly disposable income is between 10% and 15% of your gross income.

6. House equity

Credit redemption companies are reluctant to give large sums of money to unsecured people.

Most creditors require a respectable amount of home equity to qualify for a debt consolidation loan.

If you do not own a home, you can still get a debt consolidation loan (this will be just for a lot less money). As an indication, you should be able to consolidate 50,000 euros in debt if you have 60,000 euros worth of home equity.

Obviously, owning one’s own home is huge when it comes to qualifying for debt consolidation. Many creditors will relax their standards if you own a home.

They think that if you are not able to pay, the credit redemption company can still seize your house, sell it and use the proceeds to pay off your loan.

Whatever your situation, make sure to make comparisons and simulations on our site, in order to find the best credit redemption company for your needs before submitting your application.

Each lending institution has its own criteria; you will want to know what you need to qualify before applying.

Cash loan costs How much does the loan cost

What distinguishes a cash loan from other banking products is the purpose of the loan. Pursuant to the statutory definition, each loan agreement must have a specific purpose for which funds transferred by the bank to the borrower’s disposal will be spent.

Cash loan


However, by entering into the loan agreement, he agrees to spend the money transferred to him by the bank for the purpose specified in the loan agreement. However, it is different in the case of a cash loan, which does not contain the purpose of the contract.

The bank gives us cash, which we can freely use. Cash loan is granted for any purpose. Therefore, the bank cannot control the borrower for what he spent the money transferred to him, because he has complete freedom.

Cash loan price

Cash loan price

A cash loan is one of the most expensive loans, despite the fact that it does not amount to the highest possible amounts. Due to the type of security, which is usually only our income and the fact that it is granted to us very often only on the basis of the information contained in the application and information from BIK, it is for the bank, despite the fact that low is a rather risky product.

Cash loan costs

Cash loan costs

Bank loan costs are the same as for other loans. First of all, we have to return the loan capital, i.e. the amount that the bank has given us to use. Another cost of credit is interest on the loan capital, the upper limit of which was set by the legislator. Another cost of the loan is the commission for the bank for granting it. This issue is not regulated by legislation, thus giving the bank freedom and full freedom. Therefore, the cost of credit can be radically different. A low interest rate will not mean a cheap loan, because the bank can earn primarily on commission. In addition, we also have additional credit costs, which in this case are primarily insurance costs, which we can use or not. However, banks often make the granting of credit conditional upon taking insurance. In such a situation, we can cancel the loan in this bank or voluntarily join the loan insurance.


If all this information still does not appeal to you, in the case of a cash loan of small amounts, you must first of all know what the APRC is. Namely, it is the actual annual interest rate. The lower the ratio, the lower the loan, as a rule, the cheaper it is. When comparing cash loans, you must be guided primarily by this parameter, and you will certainly find a loan for yourself.

Credit purchase: which organization to choose? Our advices !

The choice of the credit repurchase organization is not always obvious, it is not easy to identify the institutions proposing the repurchase of credits, here is a presentation of the various structures and their advantages. Read more at

Loan Redemption Organizations

Loan Redemption Organizations

The repurchase transaction can have two orientations, it can make it possible to buy back a mortgage to benefit from a more advantageous rate, this results in lower interest and thus savings in perspective. The repurchase may also concern several credits at the same time, a mortgage loan with several loans for consumption for example. In this second perspective, the objective is rather to take advantage of a reduction in monthly payments with a longer duration.

In both cases, some financial institutions will be better placed than others, traditional banking agencies are for example better placed on offers to buy real estate credit, while credit institutions will be better positioned on grouping offers credit. There are basically three types of actors: banks, credit institutions and brokers.

Credit redemption banks

Traditional bank branches sometimes offer credit buy-back offers, all do not because typically they are specific skills that not all financial advisors have. In terms of repurchase of mortgage loan, the rates are interesting and the bank will seek to repatriate the bank accounts, which allows to obtain interesting conditions. This is where the bank will play and therefore, it will make every effort to attract the borrower and manage its bank accounts.

Specialized credit institutions

When it comes to credit consolidation, it is more appropriate to go to credit institutions specializing in this financing. They are in fact subsidiaries of major banking groups that only do credit pooling financing. There is therefore no notion of repatriation of accounts in banks and generally, these institutions are specialized in specific profiles (tenants, owners, grouping long-term loans …). The advantage is to do business with a surveyed organization, however, it is difficult to get in touch with these institutions.

Loan Redemption Brokers

Brokers are independent organizations that do not offer any release of funds, they simply act as intermediaries between funders and claimants. The interest lies in their intervention lies in their knowledge of the market, but also in their know-how facilitating the filing of a loan consolidation file and allowing households to more easily reduce their monthly payments. Who says intermediary, necessarily says additional costs on the financing contract but the time saving and the quality of the offers are arguments to take into account.

Compare offers from different organizations

Compare offers from different organizations

The ideal remains to initiate procedures of comparison of the financial organizations, this makes it possible to be able to obtain offers of repurchase of credits from the banks, the credit institutions and the brokers. You need to use an online simulator to establish the steps and then compare the proposals based on the total cost of credit.


When people decide to refinance a cash loan

It is said that many people in our country have various loans . It should be noted that there is a lot of truth in this statement. Maybe not every Pole has such obligations on their minds, but a large part of the society actually has various types of loans. Among others, cash loans are popular. see for further notes

Have you decided on this option some time ago?

Have you decided on this option some time ago?

After a few months, you came to the conclusion that unfortunately you were wrong because you took a cash loan that generates very high fees each subsequent month? Many people have the same problem.

What to do in this type of situation? Is there an effective way out? You will learn the answers to these questions after reading today’s article on this topic.

When people decide to refinance a cash loan

When people decide to refinance a cash loan

It should be emphasized that there are many people who have such doubts. Fortunately, you can refinance your cash loan . This is an option that is gaining more and more popularity in our country. However, this is not surprising. It is worth knowing that refinancing a cash loan allows you to get smaller liabilities compared to the current ones. People who took out loans some time ago after not very good rrso value complain about too high installments. However, nothing prevents you from refinancing this banking product.

This allows you to transfer your liabilities to another institution. However, it is very important to choose banks that are known and respected. The more experience on the market, the better the opinions, the more likely it is that cooperation will take place as fruitfully as possible.

How to choose the right bank

How to choose the right bank

One of the factors to consider when analyzing these types of issues is the choice of a specific company. All because not every bank provides cash loan refinancing . It is therefore necessary to find out if such an option is possible in a specific place. In addition, the financial conditions offered should be taken into account. The enterprise itself is not everything. If you want to pay less obligations than is the case now, then you must devote a moment of your free time.

Fortunately, the possibilities are very well developed in this respect. There is nothing that prevents you from using, for example, bank product comparison websites. Thanks to this, you can quickly sort available proposals by the rrso parameter, which most accurately reflects all costs associated with the loan . The smaller the indicator, the less money you have to return to the bank. You should be well aware of this particular fact.

Credit intermediation and Sparebankene’s services beyond processing loans

Business and savings banks also perform other services. They provide guarantees that a borrower fulfills its obligations, they store and manage valuables, rent out bank accounts and transfer securities. In addition, they advise their clients on financial matters.

Banks conduct payment intermediation

money coins

Today, most payments in the community are made by transfers from one bank account to another, by check, giro or debit card. During the course of a day, funds are added to the accounts of a bank. The cheap loans do not come by themselves, and you can squeeze interest rates if you play the banks against each other or come up with good arguments when you show up for an interview.

These transactions have their counterparties in the movement of deposit accounts in other banks. Differences in payments and transfers between the banks are settled by daily settlements in the central bank.

Banks can create means of payment

Banks can create means of payment

When a bank pays out a loan to a customer, the customer will usually place a significant portion of the amount in their bank account. The following rule therefore applies to the banking system as a whole: lending creates deposits. You can usually take out bank loans with floating or fixed interest rates. With a fixed interest rate, with a bank loan you will not get any surprises along the way.

As the individual bank receives only a small portion of the deposit, the rule will not apply to this. The bank’s lending base will only increase with the portion of the deposit deposited into it, but for all banks as a whole, the rule will apply. Since payment settlement can take place by transferring funds from one deposit account to another, bank deposits can be considered as means of payment. By increasing their lending, the banking system can increase people’s access to means of payment; banks create means of payment.

Interest-free loan

A free quick loan, also known as an interest-free loan, is a short-term loan that is free of interest and commission. This offer gives you the opportunity to borrow for the first time completely free of charge.


Fill out an interest-free loan application

Fill out an interest-free loan application

The interest-free loan is only offered to new clients who are borrowing for the first time from a lender offering interest-free loan and commission. The loan is issued at no additional cost (no fee is charged for the application for the loan, consideration of the application for the loan and issuance of the loan).


Interest-free credit costs

Interest-free credit costs

You must register on the lender’s website. After registration you will be given your user profile. Each customer is required to approve a user profile in order to apply for credit online. You only need to confirm your profile once. You transfer $ 0.01 (1 cent) from your bank account to the lender’s bank account and your user profile is activated. Once activated, log in to your user profile and apply for the amount of money you want to borrow.


First credit free

First credit free

For example, if you borrow 200 dollars for 30 days, you will have to pay back the same 200 dollars after 30 days. All without commission and interest. The annual percentage rate of charge (APR) for the first loan is 0% (the annual percentage cost of the loan).


Assumptions for the calculation of the annual interest rate

annual interest loan

  • Loan amount: $ 150 (max 200 dollars or as much as the lender offers)
  • Credit granting fee: $ 0
  • Credit term: 30 days
  • Registration fee (payable only once): $ 0.01 (1 cent)

Most Latvian fast credit lenders offer to extend the loan repayment term. If you are unable to return the money on time, you have the option of extending the repayment term of the principal. This is a paid service. This is also a paid service for the first time. If you are granted your first loan free of charge, then choose the maximum repayment term available, as the first time the loan is free of commission and interest. It should also be noted that you have the right to early repayment.

How much can a bailiff take? – customer reviews and payday payday reviews.

 Polish law regarding bailiff operations is subject to various changes. The latest amendments have been introduced very recently. The most important, however, is that the amounts free from bailiff seizures have increased significantly. Still other provisions, good for debtors. What?

Bailiff limits – the most important modifications

Bailiff limits - the most important modifications

First of all, it should be noted that the bailiff can seize money from various sources. This means that the receivables will be collected from both remuneration for work and pensions. However, it was agreed that only a certain part of the funds could be collected to pay off debts. It turns out that the official has certain standards. They are determined by the upper limit of attachment and the amount free from bailiff’s execution. Their values ​​increased this year. This, in turn, means that there is greater relief for those in debt. What caused these changes? Regulations introduced by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy have a significant impact on this situation. According to them, the minimum wage is $ 2,000 gross today. The amounts awarded for the lowest old-age pension and total incapacity for work also increased. How much remains then after paying the creditors’ claims?

What amount of full-time remuneration can be seized?

What amount of full-time remuneration can be seized?

Regardless of the amount of unpaid receivables, only part of the funds obtained for work may be allocated to them. All regulations in this area are described in Polish law. More on this topic was written in the article Bailiff Classes 2017. How much can a bailiff take from his salary? Among other things, there is data that full-time employees must expect the bailiff to take up to 50% of his salary. Importantly, this amount can be up to 10% higher if you collect funds to pay maintenance. Fortunately, a minimum rate for work is secured against the bailiff’s procedure, which today amounts to $ 1,459 net. It is over 100 zlotys higher than in 2016. The latest regulations also apply to part-time employees. They can be calm that bailiffs will not be subject to what they receive for their work.

Those who work under civil law contracts are in a much worse situation. They must take into account that the full amount of remuneration received may be attached. It is a little different when this money is the only source of income. Then the bailiff has the right to apply the provisions of the employment contract. However, you must then provide him with the relevant documents confirming your income details.

Pension and retirement – what amounts are in bailiffs?

Pension and retirement - what amounts are in bailiffs?

The changes we are describing here also include retirees and pensioners. It turns out that the act signed by the President of the Republic of Poland on December 6, 2016 guarantees greater relief for the groups described. The amount free from seizure of bailiffs reaches 75% of the minimum old-age pension and disability pension. These arrangements will apply from July 1, 2017. Until then, funds free from bailiff seizures are only 50%. It turns out, therefore, that along with July 1, the life of those in debt will become somewhat easier. This also applies to pensioners who receive money due to partial inability to work. They receive $ 750 per month for their benefits. They will keep $ 375 until the end of June, and on July 1 they will receive just over $ 562. However, the rules for pensions awarded from the Social Insurance Fund do not change. In this case, 25% of the amount of the benefit is available to the bailiff, regardless of its type.

How much money can a bank account take from?

How much <a href=money can a bank account take from?” width=”660″ height=”446″ />

Regarding bank account classes, new provisions have been introduced. They entered into force in September 2016. Earlier, the amount of attachment could be three times the average monthly salary in the enterprise sector. Data on this subject is each time determined by the CSO. Last year, the amount was $ 12,304.08. Currently, the attachment can be $ 1,500 gross monthly. It is independent of the number of concluded contracts, which constitute a source of income. Therefore, it refers to time, savings, savings and settlement accounts and deposits. For more information on this topic, see What’s next with bailiffs? Amendments to the Bailiffs Act 2017 . All restrictions that have been introduced are intended to provide the debtor with a certain existential minimum. The amounts in question are to enable settlement of all arrears accumulated on several debtor’s accounts. This enforcement privilege provides funds for subsistence during the proceedings. It is also known that the interest of this person cannot be higher than that of creditors. That is why it is balanced properly so that neither side suffers.

It is worth knowing the deduction limits and amounts free from bailiff’s enforcement. You are then aware of what rights the debtor has. Thus, you have substantive knowledge that will be useful during negotiations with the bailiff.

Money loan

Want to get a cash loan but don’t want to pledge your belongings? Then cash loan on the internet is a good solution. This is a quick cash loan from USD 1 to USD 1500. We offer a repayment term from 1 day to 24 months.

A cash borrower only needs to meet a few requirements in order to receive money in their account within minutes. Money can be received almost around the clock, but applications that are submitted outside the lender’s working hours will be processed within the first minutes of the working hours.

Who can get a loan

Who can get a loan

Customers of any Latvian bank can apply for the loan. Any Latvian fast loan issuer requires registration (for new clients) in order to qualify for a loan. If you are already registered with the lender you would like to borrow from, then all you have to do is log in to your profile and apply for a loan. Registration is quite simple but can only be completed by confirming the user profile. This can be done by transferring a confirmation fee of USD 0.01.

This means that your bank account should have at least one cent to be able to get a particularly good, fast and easy cash loan via the Internet. This will allow the lender to find out your account to which to transfer the loan. The account must be activated from the account you provided at the time of registration.

Reliable quick loan online

Reliable quick loan online

Borrowing from a trusted lender – You will have access to a variety of additional services and free credit (Not all Latvian lenders provide free credit). You will be treated for free and your credit will be processed free of charge. You can get credit without leaving your computer screen, because everything is done via the Internet, which also means that you will not need any paperwork or guarantees.

There will be no need to show a steady income (this is a requirement for some lenders) as it is the most convenient and fast loan on the Internet with no extra requirements. Follow these simple steps to apply for a loan online. Registration that requires you to enter your details. Choosing the amount and repayment term, and approving the user account (new clients only). And finally, waiting for the money in the bank account, which is one of the most enjoyable processes.

Cash loan free of charge

Cash loan free of charge

Cash loan free – Repay as much as you can. All without interest and commissions. This offer allows you to withdraw money within minutes without interest and commissions. The free cash loan only applies to new customers. The first cash loan is offered free of charge by several Latvian quick loan providers.

How to refund money?

How to refund money?

When the loan repayment date is due, you have two options – if the situation allows, repay the money on time, but if circumstances do not allow you to defer the money loan. It should also be noted that not all lenders offer to defer repayment or extend the repayment term. Choose the fastest credit here for you, so you can borrow more money.

Households and businesses are reluctant to go into debt

Year-on-year, demand for home loans declined by 40% and consumer loans by 14.6%

If there was evidence of the transmission of the financial crisis to the real economy, the decline in demand for credit from households and businesses is one since the beginning of the year.

The ebb is very strong in the real estate lending sector, where demand has collapsed. According to the figures given to the World by several major French banks, household demand in this market fell by more than 40% in January, on average compared to January 2008, and by 30% in February, compared to February 2008. It has never been so low for ten years.

Admittedly, these figures are comparable to years of very strong growth and the level of credit production remains high in France. But this decline shows that in the minds of the French, the economic crisis is there and creates uncertainties about the future. In January, France lost 90,000 jobs, a level never achieved in the past.

“We accept to go into debt if we are sure of being able to repay. If we fear for his job or his future, we stop to consume and invest, said Bertrand Jacquillat, a professor at the Institute of Political Studies of Paris and member of The economists’ circle is a general reaction of economic agents and will last as long as unemployment statistics are bad. ”


In 2008, the number of loans granted to households decreased by 4.1% compared to 2007, with already an already greater decline in mortgage loans (-12.7%), according to the Observatory of household loans. The number of real estate transactions has dropped by 23%! The fall in demand is hardly surprising to bankers who had been accused of lowering the market, in 2008, through a restriction of the supply of credit, which was more or less accurate according to the networks. This time, they explain, the market is the victim of a block between buyers and sellers – classic in times of crisis – which reduces the number of transactions.

“Buyers are waiting for the market to fall and sellers are refusing to sell their well-discounted, we only see forced purchases, ” says Philippe Stoltz, head of real estate credit at BNP Paribas. “In addition, he continues, not everyone is afraid of his job, but in such an uncertain environment, many people believe that it is not time to go into debt for twenty-five years.”

The report is the same at Societe Generale, where Jean-Robert Sautter, commercial director of retail banking in France, explains that “we do not embark on new projects when the feeling of anxiety about the future increases. Even the demand of our clientele of civil servants is in decline, “he notes.

For these specialists, however, not everything is black, far from it. Both are observing a “slight tremor on the new home market”, thanks to the incentive mechanisms put in place to counter the crisis (doubling the amount of the loan at zero rates, Sellier amendment on a rental investment, etc.). Specialized real estate financing networks, such as Crédit Foncier de France (CFF), would benefit from this renewed interest in new properties.

In addition, stresses Mr. Sauter, the interest rate cut initiated five months ago, with borrowing conditions once again attractive, could revive the market. “A drop in rates can resolve many households,” he says. Already, loans are cheaper than in 2008, from about 0.3% to 0.5% (about 4.5% for a fixed rate loan over fifteen years).

In terms of consumer credit, the time is also down for demand. New loans decreased by 14.6% in January, compared to January 2008, according to the Association of Financial Companies (ASF).

This decline is mainly due to the fall in car purchases, financed on credit. These usually represent 40% of the consumer credit market. The downturn is also the result of consumer caution in view of the worsening of the crisis, expected this year. Thus, demand for loans would fall everywhere, in bank branches as well as in department stores. Only a small fraction of French people would use consumer credit to make ends meet and fill their bank overdrafts.

On the business side, the situation is the same as for households. In the face of an economic crisis that is taking hold and growing, business leaders are turning their backs. They differ their investment projects, due to a fall in production, proven or anticipated.


For René Ricol, the credit mediator appointed by Nicolas Sarkozy to avoid a national credit crisis, France has entered a second phase of the crisis. “Until October 2008, when we set up mediation, there was a phase of restriction of the supply of bank loans, banks cut overnight their lines of business loans, says Mr. Ricol Now it is the demand of who is bowing because the economic activity is slowing down and the investments are frozen. ”

Just as the state seeks to stimulate household demand through anti-crisis mechanisms, Ricol wants to boost investment in companies. In sectors that are not directly affected by the economic crisis, the credit mediator is pushing companies to innovate, to clear new markets for “growth”.

“The state has put itself at risk to finance the stimulus and the banks have agreed to play the credit game,” says Ricol ” Businesses to invest now. motionless !”