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Payday loan website reviews and rankings are a means of measuring how well a website is doing in the rating game. They help the consumer in comparing and contrasting the scores so that they can find the top quality websites.

Ways in which payday website reviews can be assessed

Although there are many ways in which payday website reviews can be assessed, it is mostly based on how well the review looks like. It is important that these reviews are able to convey the positive and negative aspects of a particular business and the way it functions.

After all, these reviews have to be objective as this helps the consumer to know that they are looking at a product or service that is affordable and very beneficial. You also need to ensure that the review is able to highlight the reliability of the company as they should be truthful about certain aspects so that the consumer can make a good judgment about the same.

If the consumers are truly aware of the different scores associated with payday loans, then they can have a good idea of how they can deal with certain aspects of payday loans. It is important that the information provided to them is accurate as otherwise, they will end up wasting their time and money.

Using the online review system and the various payday loan reviews, the consumer can now have all the information they need to find a good online business that will provide the best payday loan rate. For more information, you can do a quick online search or visit Bridge…

Help consumers to find the top-notch websites

Payday loan website reviews have become very important in this day and age because many customers, including parents, who get a payday loan for a minor, find it very difficult to find a reputable website. Payday loan websites review and ranking help consumers find the top-notch websites that have a decent feedback rating.

It should be noted that there are various terms by which a company can be rated. The first one is a comparative score, which gives an idea of how a company has done in its competitors. In this case, these are the businesses that have an equal or close relationship with a certain company.

The second is an effective score which shows a company’s ability to make people interested in working with it. This is basically based on surveys. It has been observed that most consumers never give accurate answers to these surveys because they are just used to fill them out in a short time period.

The customer service score is the end to end score

An efficient score which determines the customer service score is the end to end score. This score involves the reliability of a company in terms of business continuity. These are the companies that provide excellent service to the clients and avoid complications whenever possible.

The third and the last is the end to end score which is related to the level of reliability of a company. It is usually the most popular score of any company, as it includes two points. One is based on how satisfied the customer is with the business.

Another is how satisfied the customers are with the payment process. Reviews are vital in order to understand the nature of the business and also to ensure that you are getting a dependable business.

These reviews are also useful in finding out whether a company is above board or not, and how they achieve their ratings in an accurate way. They also contain other features that are helpful in rating and evaluating a business.

Non-bank loans – everything you need to know about them

Non-bank loans are an opportunity to receive the money you need at an express pace. There are many benefits, but we are still ashamed to talk about payday loans, despite the fact that we have become accustomed to talking loudly and openly about loans and bank loans.

Meanwhile, it is the same financial product as any other, only the terms of cooperation with loan companies differ slightly from those we know from banking procedures. Not only that – contrary to what we think, more and more Poles, having a choice of a bank loan or payday loan, are choosing the latter. Why is this happening? What else do you need to know about loans in parabanks? 

Non-bank loans


Non-bank loans are an alternative to bank loans that loan companies offer to their clients. These include long-term and short-term products. They are targeted at customers who need a quick cash injection. It happens that a non-bank loan is the last resort for people rejected by banking institutions. Why? Lenders set less stringent criteria for their clients. Very often to receive non-bank cash loans, all you need is a device connected to the internet, ID card and basic knowledge of your financial situation.

A quick non-bank loan is possible thanks to the transfer of application forms to websites. Many lenders guarantee that they will receive the money within 15 minutes of accepting the application. Special identity verification applications are an increasingly common alternative to micro-flows, which allows you to bypass elixir sessions that have extended the waiting time for contract finalization. However, still not all non-bank loans provide the opportunity to take advantage of the latest solutions. Despite this, in traditional conditions we can count on receiving cash within a maximum of 24 hours.

Non-bank loans – types

Non-bank loans - types

Based on the opinions of friends or those that are available on internet forums, one might think that the term “payday loan” means only one type of loan. We borrow several hundred zlotys, we get 30 days to pay back and the end of the topic. Nothing could be more wrong. Contrary to appearances, the non-bank loans sector is very extensive and in addition to containing, let’s call it, classic payday loans, it also offers installment and long-term loans – also in the online version.

We have a chance to tailor the product to your needs and financial capabilities. You will admit that it sounds exactly as if we were talking about a bank loan. An additional advantage is that loan companies do not close their doors to customers who either have little income or are already paying back some credit and paying a high installment every month. Of course, they will check every potential borrower in the Credit Information Bureau. However, it is extremely rare that it affects the final credit decision.

Installment loans outside the bank

Installment loans outside the bank

Not only banks offer installment loans to their clients. It is true that in their case it is a much cheaper solution (the interest rate usually does not exceed 10%), but not everyone can use it. I am talking about the debtors mentioned above. They must get over that the cost of such a non-bank loan in installments, e.g. in Providence, for larger amounts will be even twice as high as the loan value. If we decide to cooperate with Good Finance and submit a loan application for PLN 10,000, the total cost of the loan will be over PLN 22,000, assuming 48 installments. Their repayment time will also not be up to 9 years, as it happens in banks. The debt should be settled between 2 and 48 months.

Let’s pay attention to this issue, because some companies, like Profi Credit, allow you to take payday loans for a period of 3 to 36 months. Underestimating such differences can be very painful for us. Remember that long-term non-bank loans carry more financial risk than their 30-day counterparts.

Security With Mobile Internet? Information and data security – Loans Finance and Money

Here you will learn about security with mobile internet and what challenges lie with this with the use of mobile internet today. It is a known matter that this has become more and more common and it will only continue to increase in scope in Norway in the time ahead.

Enough and Good loan for you.

Credit loan

What is important to think about is whether your security is good enough when, for example, you are traveling and connecting to the wireless network at hotels, airports or other public places? If others gained insight into what you were doing over the web here, this would be a major security threat.

Everything about your loan.

credit loan

In this guide on security with mobile internet, you will learn how criminals can steal information from us when connecting to the wireless network. We can mention that these e.g. operates to set up fake networks, where they trick you or other victims into believing that this is a secure network. This way, they can obtain information such as usernames and passwords, read your email or generally see EVERYTHING you do online, even what images and websites you visit.

Watch the complete video on network security today.

credit loan

Sandland also tells in this video how criminals can trick you into thinking you are going into your online banking, while actually logging into a fake online bank, where you are then stolen for passwords and codes.

So what can one do to stay safe on the mobile internet? One thing to do is to use a so-called Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. In other words, this is a virtual private network. Here all information is encrypted.

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Saving for child or grandchild the highest savings rate

Are you going to save for a child or grandchild? Then you want a good return without major risks. 5 tips for a nice savings account for child or grandchild. has more information

Open a savings account for a child

Open a savings account for a child

Parents and grandparents traditionally open a savings account for the child or grandchild at birth. On his or her eighteenth birthday he or she has a nice amount of savings together. The study of the child or grandchild is also a popular saving goal.

Saving for a child with a higher return

Saving for a child with a higher return

How can you save for your child or grandchild, with a higher return, without running any risks ? We have listed the options.

Saving for child with conditions

By making agreements with your bank, you can increase the savings interest for your child.

  • Savings account for children: many banks have a special savings account for children. In addition to a slightly higher interest rate, banks often offer a present on closing or a premium on the eighteenth birthday. (Compare child savings accounts)
  • Fixed deposit: if you deposit a fixed amount per month, you will receive a higher savings interest for your child. Please note: you must be able to miss this amount for the entire duration. (Compare monthly savings)
  • Fixed duration: by securing the savings for your child for a longer period in a deposit, he or she will receive a higher interest rate. It is then not possible to deposit or withdraw money. (Compare deposit savings)

Investing for a child with a limited risk

In many cases investing gives you a higher return. However, you also have the chance of a negative return. Of course you do not want that when investing for your child or grandchild. With fund investing you choose whether you want to invest with more or less risk. The advantage is that the share package is composed in such a way that you have little to worry about.

Child savings account name


The name of the savings account for the child determines who has control over the savings. If you want the account to be in your name first and after the eighteenth birthday in the name of your (grand) child, then a BEM clause can offer a solution. Grandparents need parents’ permission to open a savings account in the name of the grandchild.

Tax for saving for child or grandchild

Tax for saving for child or grandchild

Transferring money to your (grand) child is seen as a gift. In 2017, parents up to $ 5,320 and grandparents up to $ 2,129 can donate tax-free (regardless of age) under the gift exemption. Partners are seen as 1 person. If you donate above the exemption, the recipient pays tax on this amount.

To stay within the gift exemption you can choose to give the amount in parts to your child or grandchild. In 2017 a higher gift exemption applies if you donate for the home or mortgage.

For the capital gains tax, the savings of the child (up to the age of 18) are added to the assets of the parents. In 2017, assets up to $ 25,000 (with a tax partner $ 50,000) are exempt from tax.

How much do you save for a child?

How much do you save for a child?

How much you will save for your child or grandchild depends first and foremost on how much you can miss. On average parents save $ 50 per month for their child. If you save for the study of your (grand) child, you must take into account an annual $ 2,006 tuition fee (2017 – 2018 academic year). This amount increases annually by a few percent.

Borrowing for a renovation – Compare renovation loans


Do you want to borrow money for a renovation? Compare all renovation loans for the best offer. By clicking on calculate you immediately see how much you can borrow for a renovation. You can also request more information about the loan. More commentary at

What is a renovation loan?

What is a renovation loan?

A renovation loan is a consumer loan with a number of specific characteristics:

  • A longer duration, so that a lower monthly payment can be achieved.
  • A fixed interest and monthly amount, so that the interest (subject to conditions) is tax deductible.
  • In addition, a number of lenders offer a lower interest rate if there is an owner-occupied home.

Increase renovation loan or mortgage?

Increase renovation loan or mortgage?

Borrowing money for a renovation can also be done by increasing the existing mortgage. However, due to the longer term and tax deduction, the cost difference between a renovation loan and a mortgage has become smaller. In addition, no closing costs are charged for a refurbishment loan and no notary and appraisal are required.

Because the mortgage interest rate is still lower, a mortgage remains interesting with a high loan amount (from 25,000 USD). At lower loan amounts, speed and free closing with a renovation loan may be preferable.

Renovation loan next to a mortgage

Borrowing money for a renovation is not always possible

It is not uncommon for a renovation loan to be taken alongside the mortgage in order to be able to borrow more. Because the maximum mortgage is based on a term of 30 years and testing for a fictitious burden, it is sometimes not possible to borrow extra. A renovation loan has a shorter duration and is tested against the actual credit burden. This allows more to be borrowed for a renovation.

Calculate here how much you can borrow with a consumer credit.

Borrowing money for a renovation is not always possible

Borrowing money for a renovation is not always possible

A renovation loan is therefore also tested on your income. In addition, the various lenders have a maximum age at which you can borrow money. The maximum age for a renovation loan is currently 74 years.

Renovation of financing: options for people over 55

Financing a renovation difficult?? These are the options for people over 55 to increase their mortgage and to take out renovation work.

A renovation enhances your living pleasure. In addition, it can make your house future-proof, by making it more sustainable or being able to live at home for longer. Renovation is also a major investment.

Different ways to finance a renovation

Different ways to finance a renovation

There are various ways in which you can finance a renovation. Savings are high on the list. The savings interest is now very low, so you don’t have to leave it at that. Renovation contributes to the home value and with a bit of luck you lift more on the house price rise. By financing your renovation with savings, you still make a little return.

Borrow for a renovation

Borrow for a renovation

If you do not have the savings or do not want to spend it now, you can borrow for a renovation. For people over 55 there are a number of things to take into account.

Financing renovation with a mortgage

You can finance a renovation by increasing your mortgage. The new mortgage amount must then fit within the current mortgage standards. This can be a problem for people over 55. Banks already take your (lower) income after retirement into account 10 years before the state pension age.

To finance your renovation with a mortgage, there are two options.

  • Various lenders offer mortgage products with which you can redeem your surplus value at a later age.
  • With a mortgage with NHG, broader test standards of 10 years for the state pension age apply.

Partly due to the low mortgage interest, financing a renovation with a mortgage is interesting. However, you must take into account advice and / or closing costs. We recently received the following question from a reader.

“I need $ 10,000 for the renovation of my home. For that advice to the SNS I have lost about $ 2250.00 in costs. How can that be prevented? “

Close a renovation loan

You do not pay any closing costs for a renovation loan. In addition, homeowners can choose a longer term and the interest is, under certain conditions, deductible. A refurbishment loan is tested on your income and you can close it next to the mortgage.

Lenders apply a maximum age until you can take out a renovation loan. This age limit has become considerably wider in recent years. At astro the age at which the loan must be repaid is 74 years, at Credither even 78 years.

If you do not fit within these standards, there is still a possibility to finance a renovation. The Housing Fund (SVn) offers loans, including the ‘permanent loan’ for pensioners.

Banks Weds credit line

Bank Weds, like most other banks in Latvia, offers its customers a credit line service. A credit line, of course, is a small, bank-issued loan that is credited to the account where you receive your paycheck. The size of the credit line is commensurate with your monthly income. The bank started offering this service around 2000, when the richest citizens could take, for example, 200 lats. In this article we will briefly look at the credit line services offered to Latvian clients by the largest Swedish bank. Read for a critique

Bank Weds credit line at a glance

Bank Weds credit line at a glance

  • Eligible from age 18;
  • Income must be more than $ 500 after tax;
  • To apply for the service, you must receive a salary in your Bank Weds account;
  • The loan is available in USD starting from 700 USD;
  • There is no need for a pledge, surety or similar, as the loan is guaranteed by your monthly income;
  • The loan is automatically canceled when money is credited to your account.

You can apply for a credit line through Bank Weds Internet Banking, but even though the agreement is available in person, if you really want to connect to this service at the bank, you just have to consider that the service costs will be much higher. You can also sign up for the service via telephone banking.

Why apply for a credit line?

Why apply for a credit line?

The credit line is a good substitute for “quick credit”, and if you already have an account with Bank Weds, the service is great and you can use it whenever you want. Interest rates are higher than consumer loans, but lower than fast loans. A credit line is kind of a guarantee for off-white days because, for example, if you have to pay for healthcare or whatever, the credit line will be available immediately. On the other hand, it is worse on off-white days than savings because you will have to return the credit line unwantedly, and if you lose your monthly income you will probably not be able to repay it (unemployment benefits are quite small and short, though).

In short, a credit line is a good short-term loan for the time you are in a stable position, but you may need some money to spend urgently. A credit line can be your guarantor during your travels; your assistant when it comes to paying for health care or buying food; your trusted travel companion, unless you forget that you don’t have to buy anything you don’t even need.

Bank Weds Credit Line Rates (early 2015)

Bank Weds Credit Line Rates (early 2015)

  • Annual service fee – 7.11 USD;
  • Credit processing – 0.75% of the amount, but the minimum fee is 10.67 USD;
  • Loan interest – from 20% per annum;
  • Changes in credit agreement – 7.11 USD;
  • The given data is up-to-date when managing your contract in the Internet Bank.

A credit line should be used wisely because, while it can be a very good loan and a good fit in stressful situations, it is essentially a payday loan, which can also be a very bad thing if you need money when your monthly income is threatened or lost. In this sense, it is no different from instant credit, as both are guaranteed with monthly income.

Google Chrome Browser – Loan Finance and Money

Ampa App, a new open source browser, designed to give users a better online experience. The new Ampa App browser is available in over 43 languages. Ampa App is a new way of getting readers based on the simplicity and strength that users now expect from their Ampa services.

 Ampa App is designed to provide a seamless online experience. 

credit loan

In the early Internet days, pages of text consisted mainly, but today the Internet has become a powerful platform that allows users to work with friends and colleagues via email and other web applications, edit documents, watch videos, listen to music, has internet banking and much more. Ampa App built for our time, the Internet, and tomorrow’s apps.

“We see the browser as a window to the Internet – it’s a tool that interacts with web sites and programs they care about, and it’s important that we don’t get in the way of the experience,” says Sam Adamson, Ampa Product manager. “Like the classic Ampa homepage, Ampa App has a simple user interface with an advanced kernel suitable for the modern web.”

The App core includes a multi-platform that provides increased stability and security.

credit loan

The users’ web experience needs to be improved Ampa App is designed to make it easier for users to search and navigate the web for the content they’re looking for

– A combined search and address bar quickly leads the user to the desired web page – often simply by typing a few characters.

– When a user opens a new page in Ampa App, a snapshot page of the user’s most visited sites, past searches, and bookmarks is displayed to make browsing the web easier.

– Each of the browser categories act as a separate process. If a page on a tab crashes or causes a problem, then the other tabs run stable outside of impact, and we can continue to work without having to start Ampa App.

Ampa has also developed a new LanaScript engine, V8, which not only gives impetus to today’s Web applications, but also allows the use of a new class of web applications that would not be able to run on today’s popular browsers.

Development of new readers through open collaboration

Development of new readers through open collaboration

“Although we experience App as a fundamental change in the way people think about browsers, we realized that we couldn’t develop Ampa App alone,” said Amadi Luyahon, Ampa’s technical chief. “Ampa App has been developed based on other open source projects. And these have contributed in a new way to reader technology, and promoted competition and innovation. ”

To further promote openness on the Internet the launch of Ampa App as an open source project. The intention is that Ampa will help improve future browsers by releasing the underlying Ampa App technology to others, while Ampa to further develop more features to App.

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What is covered by the deductible?

There are many misunderstandings about the compulsory deductible. Sometimes it is even decided not to go to the doctor. Unjust as you will see.

Necessary care

Necessary care

The Dutch healthcare system is aimed at ensuring that everyone has access to the necessary healthcare, but also that they are critical about healthcare costs. That is why a legally required deductible has been agreed. You must first pay this amount out of your own pocket before the further healthcare costs are reimbursed.

Tip: In our independent care comparator you can compare the premium for a different deductible.

Legal deductible

Legal deductible

The statutory deductible has been increased several times in recent years. The deductible for 2017 remains the same at $ 385. This amount can cause problems for some people. So bad that they will avoid care. This is of course not the intention of the deductible and often also incorrect.


A third of young people under the age of 25 state that they go to the doctor less because of the deductible. Unjustified, it turns out. The visit to a doctor does not fall under the deductible.

Not under your own risk

Not under your own risk

The following care is not covered by the deductible and is therefore always reimbursed.

  • Healthcare costs for insured persons under 18 years of age
  • Costs for the doctor (possibly prescribed medication)
  • Obstetric care and maternity care (a personal contribution may be requested for this)
  • Population screening, such as breast cancer screening
  • District nursing
  • The flu shot
  • Care from the supplementary insurance
  • Tools on loan from home care

Under the deductible

Under the deductible

The deductible applies to all care from the basic package (read here on which points the basic package will change in 2018). These include:

  • Treatment and stay in the hospital
  • Medicines
  • Blood sampling
  • Patient transport
  • Mental healthcare
  • Speech therapy

Increase deductible

Increase deductible

You can voluntarily increase the deductible to $ 885. In this way you can lower the health insurance premium. Before you choose a higher deductible, first ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you expect to deduct the deductible? Yes, then it is better not to increase the deductible.
  • Can you pay an unexpected bill of $ 885 directly? No, then it is better not to increase the deductible.

Tip: compare the premium with a higher deductible.

What are the conditions for obtaining a credit surrender?

Looking to qualify for a loan to help you repay your debt? Wondering where to turn? Criticism at

Credit redemption companies focus on factors in your application that will largely determine whether you qualify.

Once you have submitted the loan application, the loan officer reviews your information and checks your credit history.

Some credit redemption companies use an automatic rating system to classify your credit, while other companies use credit analysts to determine if you qualify.

Whichever system they use, there are unavoidable elements of your application that the lender will consider.

What is the redemption of credit?

What is the redemption of credit?

Credit buyback involves taking a single large loan to pay back many small loans. In other words, the debt consolidation loan is a loan (usually a bank) that allows you to pay off your debts to all your creditors at one time.

This means you only have one monthly payment, often at a lower interest rate than you currently pay. This allows you to save money on interest charges and repay your loan faster.

Conditions to be taken into account for a credit surrender

Conditions to be taken into account for a credit surrender

1. Check your credit history

If you have had a credit card for a number of years or have had other debts like a personal loan or car, then you will have a credit history.

If you stayed up to date with the repayments, then your credit history is probably very good.

It is important to ensure that your credit history is accurate. Because a lender can review your credit history when you apply for a loan as part of their assessment.

There are a number of agencies in France that can provide you with your credit report. This can be helpful in revealing potential problems before applying for a loan.

2. Make a list of what you need.

Having a complete list of your debts can really speed up your request. It will give you an idea of ​​the amount you would like to borrow. Do not forget to list things like credit cards and other personal loans.

3. Details of your living expenses

Highlighting things for which you are spending money can help you set the repayment schedule for your loan. Think of things like rent, bills, groceries, gym membership, insurance premiums, car expenses and everything that gives a very good indication of the cost of living.

4. Overall stability

This does not just apply to your income. The loan officer will want to know if you have lived in the same place for more than two years and may be asking you how long you have been employed by your current employer.

5. Your employment data

The creditor will first want to know if you are able to repay the loan. It is likely that they will ask you for a paycheck stub as proof of your income, to make sure you have a steady job and that you are doing enough to cover the payments.

Many companies will require a certain debt-to-income ratio, and your monthly disposable income is between 10% and 15% of your gross income.

6. House equity

Credit redemption companies are reluctant to give large sums of money to unsecured people.

Most creditors require a respectable amount of home equity to qualify for a debt consolidation loan.

If you do not own a home, you can still get a debt consolidation loan (this will be just for a lot less money). As an indication, you should be able to consolidate 50,000 euros in debt if you have 60,000 euros worth of home equity.

Obviously, owning one’s own home is huge when it comes to qualifying for debt consolidation. Many creditors will relax their standards if you own a home.

They think that if you are not able to pay, the credit redemption company can still seize your house, sell it and use the proceeds to pay off your loan.

Whatever your situation, make sure to make comparisons and simulations on our site, in order to find the best credit redemption company for your needs before submitting your application.

Each lending institution has its own criteria; you will want to know what you need to qualify before applying.

Cash loan costs How much does the loan cost

What distinguishes a cash loan from other banking products is the purpose of the loan. Pursuant to the statutory definition, each loan agreement must have a specific purpose for which funds transferred by the bank to the borrower’s disposal will be spent.

Cash loan


However, by entering into the loan agreement, he agrees to spend the money transferred to him by the bank for the purpose specified in the loan agreement. However, it is different in the case of a cash loan, which does not contain the purpose of the contract.

The bank gives us cash, which we can freely use. Cash loan is granted for any purpose. Therefore, the bank cannot control the borrower for what he spent the money transferred to him, because he has complete freedom.

Cash loan price

Cash loan price

A cash loan is one of the most expensive loans, despite the fact that it does not amount to the highest possible amounts. Due to the type of security, which is usually only our income and the fact that it is granted to us very often only on the basis of the information contained in the application and information from BIK, it is for the bank, despite the fact that low is a rather risky product.

Cash loan costs

Cash loan costs

Bank loan costs are the same as for other loans. First of all, we have to return the loan capital, i.e. the amount that the bank has given us to use. Another cost of credit is interest on the loan capital, the upper limit of which was set by the legislator. Another cost of the loan is the commission for the bank for granting it. This issue is not regulated by legislation, thus giving the bank freedom and full freedom. Therefore, the cost of credit can be radically different. A low interest rate will not mean a cheap loan, because the bank can earn primarily on commission. In addition, we also have additional credit costs, which in this case are primarily insurance costs, which we can use or not. However, banks often make the granting of credit conditional upon taking insurance. In such a situation, we can cancel the loan in this bank or voluntarily join the loan insurance.


If all this information still does not appeal to you, in the case of a cash loan of small amounts, you must first of all know what the APRC is. Namely, it is the actual annual interest rate. The lower the ratio, the lower the loan, as a rule, the cheaper it is. When comparing cash loans, you must be guided primarily by this parameter, and you will certainly find a loan for yourself.