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Here you will learn about security with mobile internet and what challenges lie with this with the use of mobile internet today. It is a known matter that this has become more and more common and it will only continue to increase in scope in Norway in the time ahead.

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What is important to think about is whether your security is good enough when, for example, you are traveling and connecting to the wireless network at hotels, airports or other public places? If others gained insight into what you were doing over the web here, this would be a major security threat.

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In this guide on security with mobile internet, you will learn how criminals can steal information from us when connecting to the wireless network. We can mention that these e.g. operates to set up fake networks, where they trick you or other victims into believing that this is a secure network. This way, they can obtain information such as usernames and passwords, read your email or generally see EVERYTHING you do online, even what images and websites you visit.

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Sandland also tells in this video how criminals can trick you into thinking you are going into your online banking, while actually logging into a fake online bank, where you are then stolen for passwords and codes.

So what can one do to stay safe on the mobile internet? One thing to do is to use a so-called Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. In other words, this is a virtual private network. Here all information is encrypted.

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